News in the Eden Endowment Fund during late spring and early summer

After a long time, we report with news in the work of our endowment fund. Since the dark winter days, we have not been idle at all.

We managed to buy an interesting wetland plot near the village of Chudenice in the Klatovy region. It is again a floodplain of the stream, formed by alder vegetation with rich early-spring flora. So far, we are not intervening at the site and are monitoring the rhythm of natural changes.

On the Kateřinský stream, beavers have moved some dams and the locality is changing very dynamically. Areas that have been under water for several years are now wetlands, and some wetlands are now under water. The land reform was completed, which we very much welcomed. We will try to exchange the pastures we have thus acquired for waterlogged land adjacent to our existing swampy territory.


In Terešov we carried out spring mowing. It is interesting how the dynamics of the vegetation on the banks of our pools are changing. Previously prevailing nettles replace grassy communities. The water in the lower two pools is crystal clear and the stands of sawfly trees bloom beautifully. Newts remain in the water, and occasionally only stretching green jumpers appear.

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