Continuous biological survey of the site

Since 2020, the site has been the subject of almost continuous biological, dendrological and botanical research and the collection of valuable data on the presence of fauna and flora.

For this purpose, both recording photo traps and individual trapping events, sample collection and photo documentation are used. Everything is carefully documented and recorded for further processing.

We would like to thank all colleagues who are involved in the project, especially Mr. Petr Luncar from Hošťka for monitoring the movement of individual species in the reserve.   

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Karel Makoň

Winter at last

Winter is important for nature and the ecosystem, and we are glad that at least for a few days it stopped here in the "Private Nature Reserve of Ondřej Hes"

Karel Makoň

Removal of trees at risk

On 6.1.2024, as part of the asset management, preventive removal of a total of 14 pieces of risk trees, mostly dry dead alders, aspen, willow and broken pine. All