Opening of the exhibition "Ondra's Wetlands"

On Monday, August 1, 2022 at 4:05 p.m., I had the honor to open and moderate the opening of the EDEN Endowment Fund exhibition entitled "Ondra's Wetlands" at the Pilsen Zoo.

The aim of the opening was not only to open the exhibition, but also to remember and pay tribute to the legacy and memory of a leading Pilsen doctor, pathologist, herpetologist, terrarist, athlete, friend, ecologist, colleague, founder of the EDEN Endowment Fund and DES OP member Professor Ondřej Hes.

About a hundred people came to the event, from friends, colleagues, family and friends through representatives of authorities, institutions and entities. Among those present were Ondřej's colleagues and top medical experts, as well as friends and friends who implemented his species protection projects or sports with him. Of course, there was also his family, colleagues from work, students and even his colleagues from Romania, Georgia and Slovakia.

The founder and chairman of the EDEN Endowment Fund, Ondra's long-time colleague and friend Professor.

The founder and chairman of the EDEN Endowment Fund, Ondra's long-time colleague and friend Professor.

Subsequently, Professor Ludmila Boudová spoke very nicely about Ondra, and immediately after her, her husband, Professor MUDr.

With small inputs between the individual performances of those present, I tried to highlight and present Ondra's activities in the field of environmental, nature and wildlife protection.

The final word was given to Mgr. Martin Vobruba on behalf of the organizing team. This opened the exhibition, which you can see until 31.8.2022 in the Mediterraneum chapel in the Pilsen Zoo.

Even though Ondřej Hes never sought out such large-scale events and was not a fan of them, so I believe he would be genuinely pleased with how many people gathered and came to see his pools, puddles and islands of biodiversity.

That is why I took the liberty of opening the opening with exaggeration and the words: "Originally Ondra was supposed to stand here and the exhibition was supposed to consist of only 12 large-format boards of the most amazing photos from our wetlands! However, when I think about it now, if Ondra had organized the exhibition as he originally should, no one would have actually stood here, because he did not have time for such events and instead he would have cut the grass around the pools somewhere. Still, I am convinced that now he is looking at us and is happy how many of you have come!"

Anyway, to all those who came to the opening on Monday, I would like to thank once again on behalf of the organizers and the EDEN Endowment Fund for their participation, support and memory of such a versatile extraordinary person, prof. MUDr. Ondřej Hes undoubtedly was!

I would like to thank the Pilsen Zoo for providing exhibition space and co-realization of the opening, the team of the Eden Endowment Fund and the Biopsy Laboratory, all those who realized the exhibition and the whole event, as well as the members of des OP – Animal Rescue Station Pilsen for the accompanying service.

And thank you most, Ondřej, especially you, for your legacy, energy, wetlands and everything you have done for us and nature! Honor your memory and we will not forget!

Karel Makon
Voluntary Ecological Association – Bird Protection
Animal Rescue Station Pilsen

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