Professor Ondřej Hes and Professor Michal Michal

On July 2, 2024, it was two years since our colleague, DES OP member, co-founder of the NF EDEN, friend and world-renowned physician Prof. MUDr. Ondřej Hes, Ph.D. left this world completely unexpectedly and forever.

The tragic news of his death has circulated almost the entire planet several times, and so today (for the second time, this time through the Senate of the Czech Republic) we are waiting with tension, humility and dozens of medical capacities from all over the world to see whether President Petr Pavel will agree with our proposal and award Professor O. Hes in memoriam at least a medal for merit and medical contribution to this country.

On the other hand, even if it doesn't work out again, Ondra's legacy lives on thanks to his professional colleague and friend Prof. Michal Michal Ph.D., founder and chairman of the Eden Foundation!

The private nature reserve Kateřinský potok is an absolutely unique project, which, in addition to its unique ecological-hydrogeological scope, has a social-moral overlap, where a group of people around the Eden Foundation are trying to give back to nature what we, humans, once took from it, in accordance with the life philosophy of Professor Ondřej Hes.

We are not the only ones who have seen that it works. And thanks to more photos from the biological survey, which has been running on the site since 2020, when we bought (in 2020) the first plots of the Kateřinský Brook floodplain below the village of Hošťka with the help of two main private investors within the DES OP.   

Today, after the establishment of the key Eden Foundation for the whole project (in 2021), Professor Michal Michal has taken over all the initiative in nature conservation for Ondřej Hes and for him. Among others, he is a well-known and respected doctor in the world, whose medical, scientific and managerial achievements and abilities are not much talked about in the domestic public space.

And so on the occasion of another remembrance of Professor Ondřej Hes and his legacy, we cannot but mention his professional colleague and long-time friend Professor Michal Michal, because these two quite unique personalities simply belonged, belong and will always belong together!

More quotes from the open letter of MUDr. Simona Bílková,
a young doctor at the University Hospital in Pilsen.

Dear Professor,
I would like to address you not only as a medical capacity and for me a very special person, but also as the founder of the Eden Foundation and a close colleague of Professor Ondrej Hes.

It has been several years since I was a student of Professor Ondrej Hes, who has been and will always be for me not only a professional, but also a human and nature-protecting icon!

Now, as a physician at the beginning of my medical and scientific career (and briefly as a proud member of DES OP, where Professor Hes was one of the most active members) I follow very regularly not only the happenings around NF Eden, the Bioptics Laboratory, but also the events in the international scientific community.

I came across the website, which regularly publishes rankings of the best scientists in the field of medicine. Only the best scientists from all over the world make it to the top, based on their scientific publications, which by their quality influence the entire global scientific community and thus significantly advance medicine as a whole, across its entire spectrum of disciplines.

I was sincerely delighted to find you in the top ten as the ninth most cited scientist of all time from the Czech Republic, and that it is YOU who is also the founder and supreme icon of the internationally renowned Bioptics Laboratory, a man of progress and action, and most importantly for me, the chairman and founder of NF Eden, which guards and protects the precious places of our nature and the immortal legacy of Professor Ondrej Hes.

I have also read a very nice article about you in the Welcome Guest and I find it very unfortunate that these very fundamental and important things for humanity and society are not presented more in public and in the media. For this reason, I decided that I would like to use this open letter to highlight not only your success in the global medical arena, but also your enormous contribution to regional nature conservation, ecology and our Czech landscape.

Can I please present this letter publicly?

After a long and hesitant pause, Professor Michal Michal finally agreed to publish the text!

Karel Makoň
Voluntary ecological association - bird protection
Animal Rescue Station Plzeň
Zábělská 75, 312 00 Plzeň
Mobile +420 777 145 960

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