Kateřinský brook

We are currently working on the territory of the floodplain of the Kateřinský stream in the cadastre of the village of Hošťka near Přimdy.

The area is close to the state border between the Czech Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany near the Rozvadov crossing. The surrounding landscape is made up of pastures and forests. The Kateřinský brook in this locality flows in a wide alluvial valley covered with alders, aspens and sometimes willows.

After the return of the European beaver to this locality, extensive flooding of the alluvial valley from the village of Hošťka to the confluence of the Kateřinský and Mrtvy brooks occurred. This created a large wetland which is currently inhabited by a number of endangered animals such as white-throated dipper, river kingfishers, salamanders, otters and a number of small creatures. A highlight is the occurrence and nesting of the ash-throated crane.

Last year, the partner organization DESOP managed to buy 5 hectares of land in this locality and only with the contribution of private sponsors, without any subsidy. Currently, the EDEN Fund is the owner of another 8 hectares of land in this area, in addition to being directly adjacent to the DESOP land.

At the end of 2021, we managed to buy an old, partially grounded pond about 900 m as the crow flies from our wetland on the Dead and Kateřina streams.

Further management of the site will be focused on its cleaning and routine maintenance. We are planning occasional excursions to the site for sponsors and supporters of the Foundation with expert commentary.

For the new nature, as a clear island of biodiversity, an enclave with an area of over 13 hectares of waterlogged terrain with beaver castles, pools for amphibians, nesting wetland birds and rare plants was created in the agriculturally managed landscape.


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