New fish for the pond near Černošín

We have already introduced the new pond just above the village of Černošín on our website. We described its history, harvest and plans for the future.

Last year's pike babies, today they are about 25 cm.

All winter we were worried about whether the pond would fill with water. We reconstructed the chap, but the water was relatively scarce. However, already in February it was clear that there would be a lot of water, even the most in history.

The surprise was the large flocks of crucians (hybrids of the nominate subspecies and the Asian subspecies), which survived the harvest and subsequently the minimum amount of water during the winter. The plan was to deploy a small number of young pike, to install the endangered common sun. Pike should catch and reduce crucians, then we will significantly reduce their population so that there are few fish in the water.

At the end of March, we planted ten semi-annual pike and during Easter we installed common sunfish.

In the water there are currently eggs of common toads and brown jumpers, unfortunately, sharp-nosed jumpers did not appear this year.

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